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Size Information

Please be truthful; we aren’t going to judge you. If you give us the wrong measurements, your uniform won’t fit—NOBODY wants that.

We need the following information:

All measurements MUST be in actual inches

A. Around Head (½ inch above eyebrows): _________

B. Around Neck: ____________

C. Top of shoulder bone to thumb break: _________

D. Side of neck base to shoulder bone: __________

E. Around body at nipple line: __________________

F.Around body, Belly at BIGGEST: ______________

G. Inseam: _________________________
(Crotch to ankle bone)

H. Calf (expanded): _________________

K-L Widest part of upper hack: _________________

M-N Waist (the point that you really wear your pants at):_________

J-R Nape of neck to where you want your back and side hooks placed:____

I-J Nape of neck to where you want the tunic to end: _________________

I-O Nape of neck to where you want an Overcoat to end: ______________

Choose one and write it in:

MY body is: Short / Normal / Long-waisted

Please fill out this section with your “off THE RACK” sizes:

AA. Sports coat size:__________________________
(example 38 reg., 44 portly, 46 tall, etc.)
BB. Dress Shirt size:__________________________
(example 16/44 17½/42
CC. Sports slacks:____________________________
(example 40/34 32/30)
DD. your height:_____________________________
EE. Your weight:_____________________________

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